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VCR Alerts

This page is for posting alerts for scenes from TV shows or movies that will be broadcast on network or cable TV in the near future. Please post general comments and questions to the Discussion page, and information about forthcoming or available movies and videos to the Movie/Video page.

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Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story
Day: Thursday April 03 2003
Time: 1 pm ET/PT
Channel: Lifetime
Record number: 2452

Title: Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story (1992)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Susanna Thompson

Description: Based on a true story of a women convicted for killing her husband's ex-wife. In the very start of the movie you have Christine (Susanna) on her bed with her hands tied behind her, her feet bound, and gagged with a dark blue bandanna. Very nice struggling. Then about an hour later they run the scene again, but this time without the credits on the screen. Warning she is the ex-wife and she does end up dead on screen in a Dragnet sort of way, but you don't have to record it.

The Killing Mind
Day: Thursday April 03 2003
Time: 6:15 pm ET
Channel: Lifetime Movie Network
Also airs 4/4 @ 7:45 am ET
Record number: 1150

Title: Killing Mind, The (1991)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Stephanie Zimbalist

Description: She's a police psychologist after a serial killer with a ballerina fetish, which is why she ends up near the end of the film in a tutu, dangling by her bound wrists from an electric sign atop a hotel, as her quarry prepares to electrocute her. Before he can, however, she makes him regret not having bound her ankles by kicking him over the edge.

Columbo: No Time to die
Day: Thursday April 03 2003
Time: 6p.m., 10p.m. Pacific
Channel: A&E
Twice tonight on A&E.
Record number: 1307

Title: Columbo: No Time to Die (1992)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Joanna Going

Description: She plays a bride kidnapped on her wedding night. About 20 minutes in, she's shown lying on a mattress on the floor of an otherwise empty room, wearing a full white slip with white stockings and her ankles bound with rope. She has lost her shoes in the struggle and when she awakens in the empty room, the scene begins with a great closeup of her bound stocking feet. It's implied her hands are tied behind her, but they aren't shown clearly. She's gagged with a piece of wide white adhesive tape. In a flashback, her abduction is shown; as she hangs up her wedding dress while her new husband takes a shower, a man in a surgical mask, armed with a scalpel, approaches as she recoils in horror. He comes up behind her, hand-gags her, and warns her not to scream as he menaces her with the scalpel. Then he reaches into his pocket and produces a chloroform-soaked cotton pad with which he renders her unconscious.

About 20 minutes later, she's again shown bound and gagged on the mattress. This time, her captor enters the room and makes a big production of warning her not to scream when he removes the tape, before ripping it off and untying her. The ropes on her wrists are finally shown for a few seconds as he slices through them with the scalpel.

WITHOUT A TRACE possibility
Day: Thursday April 03 2003
Time: 10PM E/P
Channel: CBS

"The Source"

A TV reporter disappears in the midst of her high-profile investigation.

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