Due to an extra load of virus email, I have switched my email filters to high security. Please use this form to contact me. Once you have sent me a message with a valid email address, I can add that to my Contacts list and further messages will get past the email filters.

Please read the following before sending email to me

There are certain types of email I don't want to get. It's not because I'm a jerk and don't want to hear from people. Really. It's just that there are better ways to handle certain questions and I just end up answering back with that information. This will save us both time.

Please do not sent Database updates or corrections to me.  I know it seems like you'd get better service going right to the source, but in fact I tend to forget stuff. Instead, post them to the Database Corrections forum where the editing team can take care of it. It's best to use the "To update or correct this entry" link from the Database entry if possible.

Do not send me requests for caps or clips.  I don't make them and I don't have many at all. Your best bet is to post your request at the Video Forum.

I get a lot of questions about obscure TV shows or movies.  Sometimes I know, sometimes I don't. Remember however, I read every post on the Discussion Forum, so I will see your question and so will all the other experts. You get many more eyes and brains besides mine working on your question that way.

Whew! So what stuff is it ok to mail about?  Anything to do with the workings of the site, especially problems you have encountered. You can send suggestions for improvement, but I such a list of things already that I can't promise anything. If you feel the need to send well wishes or "love the page" messages, it's ok but not really necessary. You certainly may ask for an explanation of a ruling or to raise a question about the appropriateness of something currently posted. This is not exhaustive, other things as long as they don't fall into the three above may be all right.

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