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Welcome to my page. This site is dedicated to discussing scenes of women in bondage as they appear in the mainstream media.

We celebrate the so-called Damsel in Distress, who had a powerful effect on many of us as these images beamed into our homes during our youth. Perhaps that's why there is such an interest, even though commercially produced videos dedicated to bondage are widely available.

The mainstream scenes just have a certain "je ne sais quoi" for us that the commercial tapes can't capture. Perhaps it the thrill of seeing a famous actress in a scene, or the improvement that their acting skill has on the scene. I think it is largely due to the accidental nature of the bondage scene found in a TV show or movie. In some way, it feels like you've made a capture of our own, rather than being handed the scene.

That all being said, this site is not about violence or degradation of women. We aren't looking to punish women, or to deny them their rightful place in a free, open and just society. We just like seeing them tied up on TV!

Here you will find various forums dedicated to general discussion, VCR alerts to catch upcoming TV events, a similar one for theatrical movies, plus a trade page where you can swap scenes with other collectors. There's also a large cooperative database of scenes, so you can look for scenes with your favorite actress or from a TV show, or add some scenes of your own.