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VCR Alerts

This page is for posting alerts for scenes from TV shows or movies that will be broadcast on network or cable TV in the near future. Please post general comments and questions to the Discussion page, and information about forthcoming or available movies and videos to the Movie/Video page.

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Sherlock Holmes
Day: Friday March 28 2014
Time: 10:45 AM Eastern
Channel: TCM
Record number: 16380

Title: Sherlock Holmes (1922)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Carol Dempster

Description: Early, silent adaptation of the detective features John Barrymore as the sleuth. In this adventure, Professor Moriarity kidnaps the lovely Miss Faulkner (Carol), with whom Holmes is infatuated. She is taken to a makeshift gas chamber blindfolded so that she can bait a trap. When she tries to flee, one of Moriarity's thugs ties a scarf over her mouth to gag her.

Holmes arrives and looks around the chamber, and his powers of observation let him deduce that she has been hidden in the cupboard. He opens it up and finds her tied and gagged inside, with her hands behind her back and ropes circling her body. Holmes fights off the thugs and carry Miss Faulkner out without removing the ropes.

Action starts at 1:15 into the movie, and the quality of the picture is nowhere near modern standards. In addition, the damsel is not the center of focus for the camera, and the views of her predicament are fleeting.

A great movie for film buffs, but so-so from a bondage perspective.

Leonard Part 6
Day: Friday March 28 2014
Time: 8:00 PM Eastern
Channel: Antenna TV
Record number: 3564

Title: Leonard Part 6 (1987)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Victoria Rowell, Unknown

Description: Victoria Rowell is bound and tapegagged, along with a couple of other women (only glimpsed) around the 55' mark (without commercials), in a theatre dressing room

It's a quick scene, but with a closeup

The Redemption of Henry Myers
Day: Friday March 28 2014
Time: 9 p.m. ET
Channel: Hallmark Movie Channel
About 15 minutes from the end of this western TV movie, there is a scene of the female lead played by Erin Bethea cleave-gagged with a white cloth. Her son is in the same predicament. Just one shot of them gagged. Next scene, the cloth hangs around her neck and we see her hands are tied in front.
The 11th Victim
Day: Friday March 28 2014
Time: 8:00 PM Eastern
Channel: LMN
Record number: 16359

Title: The Eleventh Victim aka The 11th Victim (2012)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Jennie Garth

Description: A serial killer who was prosecuted by DA Jennie is holding a grudge and stalks her when he gets out of prison. At 90 minutes in (including commercials) he gets into her office, kills her friend and chloroforms Jennie. She wakes up in a warehouse and finds that her business clothes have been removed and she is now wearing a sexy white nightgown. She is sitting taped in a chair with her arms duct taped to her sides. Her wrists and ankles are not restrained, and she is not gagged. When the killer comes close to her, she manages to grab his balls, knocking over the chair and giving her a chance to escape while he writhes on the ground in pain.

Day: Friday March 28 2014
Time: 12:15 AM & 3:30 AM Eastern
Channel: Encore-Mystery
Record number: 8286

Title: Darkness (2002)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Anna Paquin

Description: Near the end of the movie (75'mark [without commercials]), Regina (Anna Paquin) is tied to a chair (hands behind her back) and teased by her captor. Scene begins with a nice close-up of her bound hands.

After a bit of chit-chat, the bad guy produces a thick white cloth and puts it over her mouth. The scene is cut at that point, and after a few moments we get a BEAUTIFUL close-up of Paquin cleave-gagged with the cloth. Unfortunately, the captor removes the gag almost immediately, and leaves around her neck. After some talk with the villain, he decides to cut her loose and she runs to save her father. As she runs, she unties the cloth from her neck.

She is wearing jeans and a tank top.


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