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VCR Alerts

This page is for posting alerts for scenes from TV shows or movies that will be broadcast on network or cable TV in the near future. Please post general comments and questions to the Discussion page, and information about forthcoming or available movies and videos to the Movie/Video page.

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Criminal Minds
Day: Wednesday November 27 2013
Time: 9:00 PM Eastern
Channel: CBS
Preview shows a duct tape gagged woman found hidden in a closet.

Clara’s Deadly Secret
Day: Wednesday November 27 2013
Time: 10:00 PM Eastern
Channel: LMN
Record number: 17207

Title: Clara’s Deadly Secret (2013)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Eva Link

Description: At 1:45 into the movie, mom finds her missing daughter (Eva) hidden in the attic of the serial killer who lives next door. She is sitting tied against a post, hands behind her back, and cleave gagged with a cloth. There is an entire action sequence between the time that she is discovered, and the time that she is untied.

Day: Wednesday November 27 2013
Time: 6:50 AM & 5:15 PM Eastern
Channel: Starz-Edge
Record number: 8286

Title: Darkness (2002)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Anna Paquin

Description: Near the end of the movie (75'mark [without commercials]), Regina (Anna Paquin) is tied to a chair (hands behind her back) and teased by her captor. Scene begins with a nice close-up of her bound hands.

After a bit of chit-chat, the bad guy produces a thick white cloth and puts it over her mouth. The scene is cut at that point, and after a few moments we get a BEAUTIFUL close-up of Paquin cleave-gagged with the cloth. Unfortunately, the captor removes the gag almost immediately, and leaves around her neck. After some talk with the villain, he decides to cut her loose and she runs to save her father. As she runs, she unties the cloth from her neck.

She is wearing jeans and a tank top.

Day: Wednesday November 27 2013
Time: 8:20 AM Eastern
Channel: Starz-Edge
Record number: 1031

Title: John Carpenter's Vampires (1998)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Sheryl Lee

Description: Sheryl Lee (from "Twin Peaks") is first seen lying naked on a bed, on her stomach. She's tied with white rope in an upper-half spreadeagle, each hand tied to one of the headposts, her crossed ankles tied together and secured to the foot of the bed. She is at first gagged with silver duct tape; then the gag is removed and she is handgagged for a while, until she agrees to talk with her captor.

Later she is tied with her hands in front, again with white rope. No gag here, and no further restraints. She is now dressed in a blue unbottuned shirt, a sexy lowcut blouse, and a short black skirt.

In the last scene Ms Lee's character, wearing the same clothes, is tied in a car with her hands above her head. No gag.

Including commercials, the 3 scenes happen approximately between the .42-.45, .66-.68, and .84-.86 minutes marks, respectively. (give a minute in each end)

A Life Less Ordinary
Day: Wednesday November 27 2013
Time: 8:35 AM Eastern
Channel: MoreMax
Record number: 866

Title: A Life Less Ordinary (1997)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Cameron Diaz

Description: At 19mins, Diaz is shown being tied to a chair with a strip of cloth around her midriff, right after Ewan McGregor's character has abducted her (partly with her consent; see the movie) and driven her to a remote cabin. Her arms and legs are then bound to the chair onscreen with more cloth as they carry on some inane dialogue about whether he intends to have sex with her, if she's been tied up before, etc. Offscreen, she manages to untie herself at 22mins.

A second scene occurs at 53mins, in which Diaz and McGregor meet with a pair of bounty hunters (one of them being Holly Hunter) for a ransom exchange. Diaz's hands are tied in front with white rope by McGregor again, and she remains bound like this until 58mins. The aforementioned Holly Hunter then agrees to untie her offscreen.

In scene #3, at 1hr 22mins, Diaz is grabbed and briefly handgagged by the same bounty hunters. A minute later, she is seen tightly bound to a chair with lots of orange rope tied above and below her chest, and gagged with a well-applied piece of duct tape from which the outline of her lips can be seen. Also, a thick white cloth is tied around the top of her head, which then becomes a blindfold as one of her captors pulls it down over her eyes at 1hr 25mins.

We only get two clear, fleeting full-body views of her hands and feet at 1hr 25/27mins; her hands are bound together in front and resting on her lap, whilst her feet are bound together and bent backwards towards the chair legs.

In a scene played mainly for laughs, Diaz mmpphhs, gag-talks and laughs vividly during a game of blackjack with her male captor (one which she keeps winning). She remains blindfolded until 1hr 28mins, but her gag is ripped off at 1hr 26mins, eliciting a very angry "You son of a bitch!" from our fiesty damsel. All throughout this third scene, we get lots of close-ups of Diaz in her gagged, ungagged and blindfolded predicaments.

Finally, at 1hr 31mins, she winds up in the trunk of a car, bound again with the same orange rope (hands in front, rope now encircling her waist instead of chest), blindfolded with the same white cloth, but ungagged. Some rangers discover her and she is untied offscreen.


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