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This page is for posting links to online streaming video, Youtube and things like that. The rules are somewhat looser than Discussion. You can post and discuss mainstream and related amateur video. Do not post clips from commercial videos. It's usually not that hard to tell the difference.

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Thursday April 25 01:53:29 2013
Re: Asi Es La Vida
(unsigned poster) wrote:Thank you! Sadly, it is not there but these two scenes are very good!

Found one more

VH Carioca
Thursday April 25 02:24:32 2013
To handgags fan
some handgags from brasil
sorry don't have the clip



Vh Carioca
Thursday April 25 02:28:40 2013
Re: Scene Request Mai Dire Gol
ATP wrote: Does anyone have the scene associated with this picture - I know it's called Mai Dire Gol

I have friend.
But the clip has a scene from baywatch before the scene from Mai dire gol

VH Carioca
Thursday April 25 02:42:57 2013
Re: Scene Request Mai Dire Gol
Some caps in my yahoo group from Tv showss
VH Carioca
Thursday April 25 03:41:37 2013
Re: Scene Request Mai Dire Gol
VH Carioca wrote:

> Some caps in my yahoo group from Tv showss

The two gals are Ellen Hidding (the girl gagged in the picture) and Claudia Gerini
Thursday April 25 09:11:20 2013
Re: Asi Es La Vida
VH Carioca wrote:

Do you know where these scenes can be found or downloaded from? Perhaps someone could find the episode there. It might be Asi Es La Vida episode 15.

Thursday April 25 16:31:34 2013
Re: Cannot download videos from Dailymotion
This just worked for me.

Right-clicked on the video & took the link from "Copy URL link", put that into the downloader & it worked.
At the bottom of the video player there's a "More info on this video>>" link.
Clicking that opens a different page where the video has a much longer URL than the previous page.
So whichever way you get the longer URL, it works where the short one doesn't.

For the record I used "Free Youtube Download" from http://dvdvideosoft.com/
Been using it a long time with good results, but no warranty is implied or given.....

Note: Realplayer downloader still didn't work..
Harty Mopkirk
Thursday April 25 16:58:10 2013
One of the All-Time Greats
Michele Greene is such a cute DinD
Thursday April 25 17:20:50 2013
hantu gangster
finally i founded the scene of the beautiful diana danielle in the malaysian film hantu gangster. great cleave gagged and moaning.the scene is near the end. enjoy!

italian gagger
Thursday April 25 20:14:02 2013
2 damsels
Nice little scene of two girls mugged and left tied in a room. Don't know the language but...

Thursday April 25 21:36:11 2013
La banda (3 damsels cleavegagged)
Does anyone understand what is going on in this scene?

And does anyone know the show? Any info which episode this could be?

Scene is supposed to be from some show called "La banda"...

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