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This page is for posting links to online streaming video, Youtube and things like that. The rules are somewhat looser than Discussion. You can post and discuss mainstream and related amateur video. Do not post clips from commercial videos. It's usually not that hard to tell the difference.

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Friday March 16 01:35:57 2012
Re: La Mujer de Judas (2012) - cap 43
(unsigned poster) wrote:

> Really hoping that some nice person will come through
> again with some caps of the newer material.

I'll try to get some caps posted over the weekend.
Don't have time during the week.
Nice Guy
Friday March 16 05:19:23 2012
La mujer de Judas (2012) - cap 44
Scene with Anette Michel still going and will continue into the next episode. So far, the scene has stretched over 4 episodes, from capitulos 41-44. I think it will probably end in Friday's episode, but this soap is certain to have other b&g scenes featuring other actresses in the near future. In the Venezuelan original, there were 7 more b&g scenes after the character played by Anette had her scene.
Friday March 16 09:15:52 2012
Question on La Mujer De Judas (the original)
A question to DEXTOR:

7 (SEVEN!) more full treatments in the Venezuelan original??? Are you sure about this? Could you put up the names of the actresses involved and - if possible - the chapters, because the original LMDJ has been uploaded on YT more or less completely!

I have knowledge of only ONE more full treatment scene (unfortunately a violent one) besides the one for A C Herrera in capitulo 44; then there was a tie-up-scene for Chantal Baudeaux somewhere in the middle (involving a hood but no gag) - but I don't know of ANY more scenes!
Friday March 16 11:16:55 2012
Mill of the Stone Women (1960)
Classic Mad Scientist Did scenes.
Friday March 16 11:42:23 2012
Re: brazilia'ns scenes

Add Four more brazilian's scene today in my blogger

VH Carioca
Friday March 16 13:40:32 2012
New update - The Avengers
Today I have updated my blog with several new scenes. All of the are from the famous TV show Avengers - Seasons 2 and 3.

02x10 - Death on the Rocks - Toni Gilpin
02x15 - Intercrime - Honor Blackman¨
03x09 - The Medicine Men - Monica Stevenson, Honor Blackman
03x23 - The Charmers - Fenella Fielding, Vivian Pickles

+ 01x20 - The Tunnel of Fear - Miranda Connell (a picture only).
Friday March 16 15:32:29 2012
Re: Question on La Mujer De Judas (the original)
GUEST123 wrote:

> A question to DEXTOR:
> 7 (SEVEN!) more full treatments in the Venezuelan
> original??? Are you sure about this? Could you put up the
> names of the actresses involved and - if possible - the
> chapters, because the original LMDJ has been uploaded on
> YT more or less completely!

Hi GUEST123. The other scenes in the Venezuelan "La Mujer de Judas" are:

In cap 41, Concetta Lo Dolce is attacked by the title character and gets a cloth stuffed in her mouth on screen. Concetta is found a couple scenes later sitting on the floor, her hands bound behind her back, struggling, still stuff-gagged.

In cap 51-52, Concetta is chloroformed by the title character, is bound with her hands tied over her head and tape-gagged as the Mujer de Judas shreds her clothes with scissors and tortures her. Unhappy end.

In cap 59, an actress I don't know is tied to a chair and tape-gagged. I didn't save this scene for some reason, but if I remember rightly, the scene was something the writer, Martin Hahn, has included in all his serial killer soaps, where the police come upon the costumed killer, shoot the killer dead, then remove the mask to discover it was actually a good girl they shot dead and she couldn't respond to the police because she was tied up and tape-gagged.

In cap 65, Kiara is chloroformed by the title character. She then gets her hands tied in front and is cleave-gagged on screen. Only one very brief close up of the gagging and she is out cold through out the scene.

In cap 104-105, basically a reversal of the scene in cap 59. A female detective (don't know the actress), thinks she is coming upon an innocent dressed as the killer, but it turns out it actually is the killer. The detective is shot. The other good guys arrive later and find the detective, seemingly dead, tied to a chair and tape-gagged. Turns out she was saved by a bullet proof vest. Unconscious through out the tape-gag scene.

In cap 115, the main heroine played by Chantal Baudaux is tied up in a chair and sloppily gagged with beige tape. Comedic scene as she has been tied up by her amigas to make her listen to the good guy, but a cute scene, especially as her friends tease her a bit as the leave causing Chantal to grunt angrily.

And in cap 120, the heroine's best friend (Estefania Lopez) is kidnapped by the bad guy and is tied to a chair in a church confessional and tape-gagged. After a police standoff, she is rescued.

Most of these scenes are pretty minor and, frankly, aren't as good as the Astrid Carolina Herrera cleave-gag scene, but as I think the Mexican version has already greatly improved on that scene (in the original, she just spent a bunch of episodes tied up and was only gagged briefly in one episode), I'm hoping the other scenes will see a similar improvement. (And that's not even counting the several kidnappings in the original that didn't feature a gag at all that hopefully will be seeing one in this version.)
Friday March 16 16:20:22 2012
Re: Sendspace Downloads
(unsigned poster) wrote:
> Is this the rate to be expected?
> Yes its shaped for non-members.

Thanks for the uploads, but man this site is throttled so slow.
Friday March 16 21:37:37 2012
There's no way of getting around email in this case. It won't be discussed in forum. If you stop and think about it, you'll see why.

The Engineer
Friday March 16 23:00:17 2012
The Lair Of The White Worm (featuring Catherine Oxenberg, Sammi Davis)
Excellent HQ edit of (presumably) a classic scene which I had never even seen before until now:

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