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This page is for posting personal ads looking to trade scenes. All transactions are the responsibility of the parties involved. Everyone dealing here should be aware that providing an adult tape to a minor is likely illegal, and could result in prosecution. Also, dealing copies of commercial tapes may be in violation of the copyright laws. The Moderator will make no attempt to police this board.

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Wednesday December 15 07:03:40 2004
looking for the following scenes, have over 700 mpg clips to trade.

Title: Twister's Revenge (1987)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Meredith Orr

Description: US movie about a talking truck in which the truck owner's girlfriend (played by Meredith Orr) is kidnapped by three guys. She's dressed only in panties, socks and shirt. They tie her to a chair (feet, hands & waist) and gag her on- screen with a tight cleave and packing. To speed up tension there's also a ticking time bomb next to her. Until her rescue at the end of the movie we get to see her mmmphing and struggling a lot, especially when the truck comes nearer and her boyfriend can't hear her mmphings or when one of her abductors wants to feed her. The whole running time of Orr's scenes is about four minutes, but they're distributed among almost the whole movie.

The IMDB entry for this movie only has a single actor credit and it's not Ms. Orr. For that matter Ms. Orr does not appear in the IMDB at all

Title: Hamburg Transit
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Unknown

Description: Episode: Unknown

German TV series, early 1970's. A rich businessman's wife is kidnapped and held bound & gagged in a deserted warehouse. Good scene of her being carried in over the kidnapper's shoulder, and finally scaping off her gag against a post, to reveal mouth packing.

Title: Don't Answer The Phone (1980)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Flo Gerrish, Pamela Jean Bryant, Paula Warner

Description: Vietnam veteran turns psycho and becomes serial killer of beautiful women. Early in the movie, she grabs a damsel in bed who is dressed only in a nightie, binds her wrists behind her back and ties her ankles as well. She comes to an unhappy end.

Flo gets her wrists tied to a chair's arms by a serial killer, then gagged violently on-screen by having an enormous packing rammed into her mouth which is then taped into place. There's lots of screaming and protesting through the gag

Title: Underground (1990) aka Underground Terror
Medium: Movie
Actress: B.J. Geordan

Description: At the end, the main character's girlfriend is captured in the subway tunnels of New York City. She is bound and gagged with packing in a fairly long scene. Some mmmphing as well.

Title: Vacances de L'amour, Les
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Laure Guibert, Isabelle Bouysse, Rochelle Redfield

Description: Episode: "Passion Dangereuse"

In this episode about a hidden loot the three pretty lead actresses (Guibert, Bouysse, Redfield, they own a beach cafë on an exotic island) fall prey to some drug dealers. Johanna (Redfield) and Jeanne (Bouysse) are left behind in an empty bungalow, bound hands behind their back and feet, and gagged with over the mouth cloth and packing. Béné (Guibert) is taken along by the gangsters to excavate the loot. Finally, the two abandoned girls are, after some struggling rescued by their boyfriends. Béné merely has her hands bound behind her. She is just an observer while a male hostage has to dig for the loot. Of course, her friends are just in time for the rescue.

Title: Surfside 6
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Linda Bennett

Description: Episode: "Bride and Seek" (1.13)

Ms. Bennett's character is bound to a chair and detective gagged with a thick white cloth and packing

Wednesday December 15 07:08:47 2004
trades continued
Title: Edades de Lulú, Las (1990) aka Ages of Lulu, The
Medium: Movie
Actress: Francesca Neri

Description: There are two very good bondage scenes in this DVD movie from Spain. The first one occurs at approximately 90 minutes. Lulu (Francisca Neri) and her husband engage in consensual bondage love. She is tied with a black rope, with her arms above her head, to the headboard of the bed. She is blindfolded with a necktie and subsequently she is gagged with a second necktie. They make love and while she is tied and blindfolded the husband invites Marcelo (her brother) to join them without her knowing who he was.

There is a second scene (about 1:25 hr) were Lulu is tricked to attend an SM party. She is undressed very much against her will and she is then put on a leather harness and boots. She is dragged to another room being forcefully handgagged by two different men and then her wrists are tied above her head to a ceiling fixture. She is screaming so they gagged her by packing her mouth with cloth and tape over her mouth. Her head is then covered with a see-thru black nylon cloth which is secured at her neck with a broad rubber band. Several quick close ups of her face complete this extraordinary sequence.

Title: Crazy Kill, The (1975) aka Fear is Spreading
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Claire Nielson

Description: British thriller has Ms. Nielson bound and cleave gagged with packing. Wrists tied together in front with ankles bound in a frontal hogtie.

Laying down in a bed wearing a green dress and black nylons

Title: Küstenwache aka Kuestenwache aka Kustenwache aka Coast Guard
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Katharina Abt

Description: Episode: "Auf eigene Faust" (3.9) aka "On Own Account"

German action series. A shipowner's daughter (the lovely Abt) is abducted by the crew to get their back wages. Ms. Abt is blindfolded, gagged with a thick cleave-gag with packing, and bound hands in front. Gag is removed, then reapplied after a short discussion between the kidnappers ("We won't take any risks").

In a later sequence, the damsel is no longer blindfolded, but once more gagged (onscreen). This time her hands are bound behind her back.

Outstanding and realistic scenes, the gag looks especially tight and must have been really uncomfortable to wear

Title: Verbotene Liebe
Medium: Soap Opera
Actress: Tanja Wenzel

Description: German soap.

This very cute blonde is abducted by her own hubbie who's gone berserk or something. She spends most of the time lying on a matress in her cell, her wrists tied behind her back and her feet tied, sobbing, mmphing or trying to free herself, hopping around and the like. There is also some gagging and re-gagging (sometimes on-screen) with a hankerchief as packing held in by a scarf and some nice interaction between the psycho and his victim. These lengthy, intense and good scenes lasted for about five episodes. Guy alert.

Title: Vacances de l'amour, Les
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Isabelle Bouysse

Description: Episode: "La Filière"

Tied standing up with her hands overhead and is gagged with a large wad of mouth packing, which is held in place by a piece of light blue cloth. Later this is removed for a short interrogation, but the next time we see her she is gagged again in the same way. Later in the episode three guys come into the room, cut the rope attaching her hands to the bar above her head and force her into a coffin. She is still gagged in the same way, but of course her hands are now resting in front of her tied together.

Title: Maicol (1989)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Simone Tessarolo

Description: Italian movie. Lovely Tessarolo is kidnapped by mafiosi and held captive on an abandoned ship. She's tied and gagged on a mattress on-screen (tied with rope, hands behind and feet,; gagged with white adhesive tape and packing).

Later, there are several shots of the damsel struggling and moaning, until she gets rescued. The scenes add to about 5 minutes in length

Title: Big Deal (2002)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Mona Fueter

Description: Cute blonde Fueter gets grabbed by Russian mafiosi and held captive on a boat. She's gagged with white adhesive tape, including packing and tied up with rope around her waist and with her wrists bound behind her back. Some struggling and moaning from the damsel. She manages to free herself and jump into the lake.

Title: Desperate Intruder (1983)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Meg Foster

Description: Meg plays a blind woman who is captured by two bad guys (Nick Mancuso and Claude Akins). She's handgagged by Mancuso and then she's tied to a chair & cleave-gagged with packing. Later she's untied by Mancuso and they try to escape Akins (turns out Mancuso is a nice guy who's a former lover or something like that
Wednesday December 15 07:16:43 2004
more trades
Title: Goede tijden, slechte tijden (1990) aka GTST aka Good Times, Bad Times
Medium: Soap Opera
Actress: Ingeborg Wieten

Description: This blond Dutch actress was tied and gagged in a long scene . She was kidnapped by a stalker. She did spend many hours tied and cleavegagged (with mouthpacking)on his coach

Title: Cleveren, Die
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Astrid Fuenderich

Description: Episode: "Der Messias" (23/3.7)

German crime series with a duo of profilers. Eva Glaser (Fuenderich), the female half of the team, is snooping around when she's grabbed from behind and chloroformed by the baddie. Later found by her partner with hands bound behind her back and also white cloth gagged with packing. Short but nice.

Title: Armchair Thriller: The Victim (1980)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Lorna Yabsley

Description: Sue Craig (Yabsley) is kidnapped by a pair of villains. Securely tied and cleave-gagged with packing. Top-otch stuff

Title: Volver a Empezar
Medium: Soap Opera
Actress: Yuri, Maria Elena Saldana aka María Elena Saldaña

Description: The evil Santiago breaks into the house of his estranged wife Reni (Yuri) and grabs her. She's thrown on the bed as he clamps a hand over her mouth. Her hands are tied in front with stockings and she's gagged with a colorful scarf cleave. He leaves her and she tries to crawl away (she's a paraplegic) but he comes back and hoists her over his shoulder and takes her to his car.

He drives her to his house, where he carries her up to his bedroom. There she is untied and ungagged. Later, when people come looking for her, the housekeeper ties her hands in front with a scarf and gags her with a tan one.

Later, she's back on the bed, ungagged while they force-feed her pills. When the police show up, her hands are tied again with scarves and attached to the head of the bed. She is gagged with tan packing tape.

Still later, Ren's friend Tina (Saldana) discovers her whereabouts, but is herself captured. She's left behind tied to a chair with her hands in front with scarves (they getting these by the gross?) and gagged with another

Title: Neonnächte - Der U-Bahn-Schlitzer (1999) aka Neon Nights
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Marie Baeumer

Description: Excellent scene in this German made-for-TV production, occurring during the final climax. Polizeikommissar Beate Stein, wearing a pinstripe suit and a white blouse, is questioning a witness in a murder case, who is working in a subway control center. Too late she realizes that he himself is the killer. He knocks her out with a wrench, then picks up a roll of silver duct tape and begins to tie her up. We get to see only the result, but it's impressive: She is thoroughly tape gagged, and has her hands bound behind her back. More tape around her upper body, her thighs and her legs above the ankles.

Damsel is now carried over the shoulder to an empty subway train (nobody around, it's early morning) and driven to a junction in the tunnels. She has regained consciousness and adds some mmmmphing to the scene, the killer major gloating. At the junction she is put on the tracks, in front of a following train. Pulled away from the tracks literally in the last second.

Title: Combat Killers (1968)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Marlene Dauden

Description: One of the best scenes ever. Marlene Dauden (good philipino actress) tries to help american soldiers during the WWII against the evil japaneses. To lure the american hero into a trap they capture her: she's tied over a bed japanese style (hands behind, ankles tied, several coils of rope around torso, connected to her bound wrists, and a very tight cleave gag that forces her mouth open). She doesn't surrender to her predicament and she struggle heavily: she manages to get up and stand and she goes hopping through the room. Then she sees a sword (a katana, of course) hanging on a wall and she hops towards it. She tries to cut her ropes standing, but she's not able to free herself, so she makes the sword falling on the ground and she spreads on the ground struggling upon the sword. Finally she manages to get free, but it's a veeeery long scene

Title: Long Ships, The (1963)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Beba Loncar

Description: She is gagged while taking a bath, knotted cloth between the teeth. Spirited away to a Viking ship, she is supposedly sacrificed (brief scene of struggling and mmmphing until Richard Widmark knocks her out, then a brief shot of her unconscious cleave-gagged face), but later turns up in the hold lying on some sacks with her wrists tied behind her back. A good deal of struggling and muffled cries. At one point she manages to spit out the knotted cloth and cry incoherently about "her father" and "hate you", but Widmark quickly handgags her then jams the gag between her teeth and knots it tightly behind her head. Nice scene, but pretty dark.

Title: Master, The
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Sandy Kronemeyer

Description: Episode: "High Rollers" (1.5)

Actress tied to chair hand and foot and tightly cleaved gagged - on screen gagging

Wednesday December 15 07:26:44 2004
more trades
Title: Spectre (1977)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Ann Bell, unknown


The good guys (Robert Culp and Gig Young) assault a house filled with devil worshippers to rescue Ann Bell. On the way in, they see a woman spreadeagled on the wall, upside down, laughing hysterically. This occurs around the 100' mark (with commercials).

Later, Ms. Bell is seen being carried in, she is dressed in a white gown and cleavegagged with her wrists bound before her (her ankles may be tied as well). This scene is absent from the recent SCIFI airings.

She is then spreadeagled on an altar. The satanists menace her with long knives, yank her hair and remove her gag briefly to let her scream a bit, then tie it even more tightly.

Long scene, many closeups.

Title: Last Innocent Man, The (1987)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Roxanne Hart

Description: She's captured and used as bait for the hero. She's tied to a chair, blindfolded, and gagged with a very tight black cleave. The gag is tied to the back of the chair, forcing her head back. Not much struggling, but she makes labored sounds as she breathes, as though the gag were exceptionally tight.

Title: Daniel Boone
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Lyn Peters

Description: Episode: "The Traitor" (4.8)

Julia Cartwright (Peters), the beautiful blonde daughter of a British colonel, is captured by the Shawnee. To avoid execution as a traitor, Daniel Boone agrees to help a band of British redcoats rescue her.

Julia's coach gets hijacked and she's handgagged by a Shawnee brave. A littler later, when she tries to cry out, another brave handgags her. She also gets bound and gagged twice. Early in the episode, she's very quickly shown sitting against a tree with her hands tied behind her and nicely cleave-gagged. This is just a teaser. The big scene, at the end, has her roped standing at a tree and tightly cleave-gagged (one of the tightest in the annals of television). The scene is lengthy and there are some great close-ups of our damsel struggling. This is an 4 star scene!

Title: Angeles
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Patricia Manterola, Sandra Vidal, Magali Caicedo

Description: Episode: "Angeles Piedosos" (1.6)

The girls are lured outside and sprayed with a knock-out gas. The next time you see them, they are being carried out to the middle of a deserted road, B&G (hands behind, cleave-gag). They are placed on the ground, then the bad guys shoot some other bad guys. They untie the girls, give them unloaded guns and photograph them standing over the bodies. Later, the blonde (Vidal) and brunette (Manterola) are tied sitting (hands behind, ankles tied, no gag) in a barn among bales of hay, while the black girl has her hands tied behind a pole while standing. The girls comment on how tight the ropes are (several times), then the black girl uses a screw on the back of the post to cut her ropes. She tries to untie the other two (who are also tied to a bomb), but the ropes are just too tight. Lots of overacting unsues as they beg her to leave them and save herself (with like 3 minutes still left on the bomb). She leaves, they overact some more, saying goodbye etc, and then the black girl crashes back in driving payloader, cuts the rope holding the bomb with an axe and throws the bomb outside. Right after it explodes, their male partner shows up and they beg him to untie them

Title: New Adventures of Robin Hood, The (1997)
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Judy Green, Barbara Griffin

Description: Episode: "The Legion" (2.2)

Judy Green plays the mistress of Prince John. Robin binds her and gags her with a loose cleave-gag and sticks her in a cupboard while he robs the Prince. Not an impressive scene; the actress doesn't emote and the camera doesn't move.

Later in the episode, the radiant Barbara Griffin (playing Marian) is kidnapped by evil gods (can you say running out of plot ideas, boys and girls) and used as bait to lure Robin into a trap. Of course, the plot fails, but Robin has to battle the bad guys in a lengthy scene, while Marian struggles furiously, before he can rescue her. The lovely Marian is tightly cleave-gagged with a thick black cloth and her wrists are bound behind a column of the castle. Her ankles are not bound, but her short skirt shows her long-forever legs to good account. Nice boots, too. A wonderful scene

Title: Lovejoy
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Caroline Langrishe

Description: Episode: "Day of Reckoning" (6.2)

Hunter (played by John Castle), kidnaps a friend of Lovejoy to draw him into a trap, which involves a sawed-off shotgun attached to the door latch. Hunter binds our heroines arms to the arms of a chair, wraps rope around her chest to secure her even more tightly, then ties her ankles and cleave-gags her (over the hair) tightly with a scarf. Lengthy scene of her struggling, as Lovejoy rides to the rescue

Title: Renegade
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Melora Hardin

Description: Episode: "Paradise Lost" (4.17)

Ms. Hardin plays a woman who saves Reno from the cops. He returns the favor later in the show when she is captured by bad guys. She's tied to a chair and cleave-gagged (under the hair) with a bandanna knotted so tightly she can't close her mouth. Nice little scene.

Title: Vacances de l'amour, Les
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Rochelle Redfield, Laure Guibert

Description: Episode: "Femmes Fatales"

In this episode, the gang stumbles over a hidden cache of a million dollars. "Things like that often happen around here", one of the girls explains. Inevitably, Redfield and Guibert (two of the three young lead actresses owning a beach cafe on Love Island) are taken hostage by the thief who had hidden the money.

The two girls are put in an empty bathtub in a hotel room, hands tied behind their back and tightly cleave-gagged with white cloth. Their facial expressions are really precious. I've seen a bathtub scene before but never two girls opposing eachother in a tub! While Redfield has to remain in her uncomfortable predicament Guibert is led to the phone to answer a call from her boyfriend. Scene ends when she is led back to the bathroom.

Next we see the two girls during their exchange with their hands tied behind the back but ungagged now.

Of course, the bad guy is apprehended in the end as usual. The girls decide not to file charges for kidnapping, claiming that the experience "was not that terrifying. Let's regard it as some kind of bathroom party." That's it, I'm off for the Caribbean right now. Where's my suitcase

Title: Your Turn, Darling (1963)
Medium: Movie Serial
Actress: Christiane Minazzoli

Description: Eddie Constantine (FBI agent Lemmy Caution) puts her in the box that was actually bought for him in the first place. The cute blonde actress (Minazzoli, a Brigitte Bardot lookalike) is bound and very tightly cleave-gagged, struggles and mmphs a lot while Eddie makes his usual cynical comments. It's only a short scene with one good close-up

Wednesday December 15 07:54:25 2004
last post
Title: Hodet over vannet (1993) aka Head above Water
Medium: Movie
Actress: Lene Elise Bergum

Description: Remember Cameron Diaz in "Head above water"? Well, this is the Norwegian original. Blonde actress Bergum is the DiD and her scenes are similar to those of Diaz, but there are more of them in quantity. First scene - she's tied to a pole by her husband. Second scene - she has her hands tied behind her back and is locked in the cellar. This is followed by the extended b/g scene, a tight cleave-gag in Bergum's case. Number four - the hog tie scene on the cabin floor after she's been overpowered by the two men ('What are you doing?' the neighbor asks as hubbie picks up a piece of cloth. 'Gag her', hubbie says. 'I don't think she needs to be gagged, let's go', neighbor says. Hubbie shrugs and follows him. - What an idiot!) Fifth and last scene is the one in the pavillon with the death trap.

Title: User Friendly (1990)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Alison Bruce

Description: This is a weird black comedy from New Zealand, and it's got a great, lengthy scene with lots of energetic struggling and mmmphing. On the search for a youth elixir, Alison Bruce and her male partner run into some very nutty old people. They're bound to a bed and tightly cleave-gagged with satin clothes. Alison is undressed to her panties and shirt, because the old guys plan on taking her blood to gain eternal youth or something (yeah). Luckily, the couple manages to get free before the damage happens. The guy may be a problem, but Alison gets more screen-time and better angles

Title: Bonne, La (1986) aka Servant, The
Medium: Movie
Actress: Florence Guerin

Description: Strange mix between social drama and softcore porn about a young, vey attractive lady (Florence Guerin) and her hot Swedish housekeeper. The servant has a kinky side (besides being a lesbian), and Guerin pretty soon falls under her spell. Towards the end of the movie the housekeeper and an old, cocaine-sniffing intruder overpower the lovely brunette, tie her to a chair with her legs spread and a tight, thick cleave-gag between her teeth (nice touch: the drool-soaked bandanna!). After having been freed, the young lady gets blindfolded and spanked by the old guy. The chair-tie scene bears similarities to the one with Shannon Tweed in 'Surrogate'

Title: Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (1992) aka GZSZ aka Good Times, Bad Times
Medium: Soap Opera
Actress: Anne Brendler

Description: In this German soap from the 90's, lovely Brendler gets overpowered in her apartment. She has to kneel down on the floor and is tied (hands behind back) and tightly cleave-gagged with a white strip of cloth. Her captor lifts her to her feet and walks her out of the room. In later scenes, she's menaced with a knife and blindfolded with a black cloth.

What makes this on-screen b/g scene so powerful is its length, precision and realism. Her captor keeps her hostage for a few screen minutes, but things go quickly downhill from then on.

Title: Hunt for the Blue Diamond (1993)
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Julia Kent

Description: A legendary blue diamond draws five friends on an arduous expedition to the jungles of Thailand. Blonde cutie Julia Kent, the love interest of one of the guys, is kidnapped when going undercover in the red light district of Bangkok. She has her hands tied in front with a thin strip of cloth and is tightly cleave-gagged with another white strip of cloth. She has her clothes torn, is pushed around, taunted, slapped, and almost raped. Finally, the hero rescues her from the baddies, but he needs a few seconds to decide whether he should tear down her gag to kiss her, or whether the gag should stay on because she always talks soooo much (the need to kiss her is stronger, though). Lengthy, good scene with lots of struggling and emoting from the damsel.

Title: Family Passions
Medium: Soap Opera
Actress: Tracy Ryan

Description: In this German/Canadian soap, Tracy plays a sweet girl who's kidnapped by her jealous ex. She's hog-tied on a cabin bed (with lots o' rope) and tightly cleave-gagged. Cabin is set on fire and she struggles furiously to get free. In the next episode, she's rescued by two friends. A shame that her TV portrayal of Nancy Drew yielded absolutely zilch.

Title: Silent Reach
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Helen Morse

Description: Late 1980s adventure starring Robert Vaughn set in the Australian Outback. I am not sure if it was a mini-series or a TVM.

The beautiful Ms. Morse plays the love interest of Mr Vaughn's character, possibly a journalist.

Abducted by the bad guys she is kept in a derelict building. She is clad in denims and a shirt. Upon the imminent arrival of Robert Vaughn's character, one of her abductor' enters and orders her onto her tummy. He cruelly places his knee into the small of her back and binds her wrists astern with rope. She is next seen moments later, bound hand and foot and tightly cleave-gagged with what looks like a piece of blanket. She energetically bumps along on her botton to a nail protruding from the wall, and uses it to help work loose her gag. Having succesfully done so, she bumps along to the entrance to her prison and, using her bound feet, kicks down the piece of corrugated metal which passes for a door. She then bumps out into the bright Outback sunlight, and shouts to her rescuer who is in the middle of a fire-fight with her abductor. Brave and intrepid damsel! Ms. Morse must have had a sore bottom after all this! Her abductor having been shot dead, she is released.

Scenes inside are not too badly lit.

Title: In Deep
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Louise Delamere

Description: Episode: "Queen and Country", Part 2

The beautiful Ms Delamere plays Lainey, the childhood sweetheart of one of the two main characters.

Upon answering a knock on her front door she is confronted by a terrorist.He forces her back inside the hallway, pushes her against the wall and fiercely handgags her.This scene is brief, well lit for our purposes, and with excellent facial close-up/reaction shots.Moments later we see her lying on a bed upstairs.She is bound hand and foot, hands astern, and tightly cleave gagged with, I think, black nylons/tights.Brief exposition/gloat ensues during which our DiD mmpphhs and writhes nicely.This scene is of reasonable length, well lit and has excellent facial close-up/reaction shots.She is later seen, in the same condition, when the hero arrives to release her.Dressed throughout in denims and a T-shirt

Title: Blatt und Blüte (2004) aka Blatt und Bluete
Medium: TV Movie
Actress: Christiane Hörbiger aka Christiane Hoerbiger

Description: A bit more than one hour into the movie, Victoria (Christiane Hoerbiger) is tied to a chair with her hands tied behind her back and her feet tied together. She is tightly cleave-gagged with and dark knotted scarf which is once removed and directly reapplied onscreen. When she is finally ungagged, she wears her gag around her neck until the movie cuts to the next scene. Lots of close-ups of her gagged face, a bit of gagtalk. Great scene for gag snobs!

Title: Another World
Medium: Soap Opera
Actress: Philece Sampler, Joanna Going

Description: The evil Reginald Love has a complex plot going on. A henchman grabs snoopy Lisa (Going) and forces her to make a phone call. He then leaves her tied up and gagged with tape in the phone booth. She rubs the sides of her face on her knees to loosen the tape, then stands up. She is rather slender and limber, so even though her hands are tied pretty well, she's able to reach around with her tied hands to pull the tape loose.

Meanwhile, Reg himself has to keep his daughter Donna (Sampler) out of the way. He ties her to a chair and gags her with a tight red scarf over the mouth.

Title: Young and the Restless, The
Medium: Soap Opera
Actress: Carolyn Conwell

Description: She is held captive in a motel room, her hands tied in front to a brass bedstead while she sits on the bed. She's gagged with a blue bandanna between her teeth. Her captor removes the gag at one point, revealing a wad of white cloth in her mouth. He later reinstalls the gag on screen. Still later, when he leaves her alone, her hands are tied behind her back.

Wednesday December 15 11:34:30 2004
Re: keith- Trades
Going to try and assist you here abit:

Title: Combat Killers (1968)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Marlene Dauden

If you want just the scene for this one?
We had it on DVD awhile back.
Know whom to ask to look at this for you.

Title: In Deep
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Louise Delamere

Description: Episode: "Queen and Country", Part 2

You shouldn't have any problem with this. Entire episode passed around to the Collectors here say a year or so back.
Keep it in open so noticed

Good Luck
Jay L
Wednesday December 15 12:22:44 2004
Re: keith- Trades- Combat Killers (1968)
> Title: Combat Killers (1968)
> Medium: Movie
> Actress: Marlene Dauden

Here Keith, try The Major for this one.
(Email in the Link)
Jay L
Wednesday December 15 12:58:14 2004
Re: keith- Trades- Combat Killers (1968)
Jay L wrote:
Title: Combat Killers (1968)
Medium: Movie
Actress: Marlene Dauden

Here Keith, try The Major for this one.
(Email in the Link)

Yup - one of the all time classics - she's a trooper.
Just email me and let me know if you'd like fwded.

Wednesday December 15 23:52:24 2004
Anyone have Closetland with Madeline Stowe?
Anyone have Closetland with Madeline Stowe?
Even a low res clip would be great.

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