New process for adding scenes

The process for adding scenes to the database has changed. It is now required that you be a registered user. Why? Because some people weren't following instructions properly, and others were treating database entries as a way to have fun. The database is a tool for collectors, so we like to have entries in a consistent manner to make it easy for people to find the scenes they are looking for. As such, the free labor (editors) have been doing a lot of work in reformatting because people don't listen. Registration will show that you take the idea of adding scenes seriously, and give us a way to contact the contributors.

So what is this registration process? You are going to register a user ID, password, and email address. The email address is so that editors can get in touch with you with questions or instructions. The email address is used during registration, so it must be valid. Also, if you don't respond to a editor's message, your registration may be suspended. I've also created a fine new instruction page that you'll be able to access once you're registered.

Okey-dokey, not all that thrilled about registering your email address. Well, I understand. Right now, the plan is that the only one who will be able to see the actual email addresses is me, your lovable site owner. I have no nefarious plans to sell, spam, or otherwise abuse these. Contact from editors will be via an auto tool. If that doesn't work, and I have to give the editors access to the addresses, I will send a notice to all registered users and give them a chance to unregister.

How is this going to work? Registration will be a two-step procedure. First, you'll fill out a form with a User ID, email address, and password. Those will be checked to prevent duplications. If that's all ok, then an email will be sent to the registered address, with a link containing a unique code. Once you click that, the registration should complete and you'll be able to add scenes.

What are you going to need? Like it says above, a real email address that you actually read. Creating a throwaway for this purpose is not a good idea, if you don't respond to a message you'll get suspended and cause everybody a lot of hassle. Also, if your email has strict filtering, you'll probably want to add this site's auto-mailer to your allowed senders:

If you've already registered and want to get on with it, go on the real Database Add Page and enter those scenes.

If you're now raring to get Registered have at it.

If you have all kinds of questions or concerns Contact Me and I'll try to help.

If you forgot your login ID or password, you can retrieve it Here