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Jolly Roper
Bondage humor as it should never have been done in the first place. Of particular interest: the Loosie Awards -- the Hollywood Bondage Scene Hall of Shame, Mom & Pop's Bondage Video Shoppe, a listing of mainstream movies with bondage scenes, and Bound for Glamour, movies that feature bound women who are presented in a glamour way.
Original bondage videoclips, token features, mainstream DiDs, TAG Video and more. Free samples.

Straitjacketed Women in the Mainstream Media
An exhaustive (and exhausting) listing of scenes of women in straitjackets in movies, TV shows, comics, and other media.

Jeb's Adventure Bound
Damsel in Distress" fiction, with emphasis on old-fashioned adventure stories featuring plucky heroines in bondage, vile villains and villainesses, and even the occasional stalwart hero.

JPGs of TV/Movie bondage scenes. Links to bondage information websites. Bondage video tape listings. TV/Movie Bondage Scene Reference.
A free site that offers pictures and videos of women tied up and burned at the stake, culled from various sources, some of them quite rare. For anyone who's a fan of burning at the stake, this site is a must.

Moraxian's Game Room
Moraxian's virtual damsels in real distress.
Erotic bondage stories from a range of authors including Heather Bond. Stories range from the consensual to Damsel-in-Distress.

Bring Out The GIMP (Girls In Merciless Peril)
The internet's first extreme bondage video discussion forum, where visitors can talk about their favorite extreme bondage scenes and videos. Also includes 4 separate video review sections, interviews and places to purchase extreme bondage videos and DVDs.

Indian Girls in Peril
Description: Indian Yahoo group.

Chivalry Video
Description: A full library of Video and DVD collections of TV and Movie scenes from the 1920s to today - foreign scenes - rare soaps and much more all offered for sale. There are many free clips and caps available.

Jos Dids
Description: Free DiD clips plus one of the biggest list of scenes available for trading.

Shut Her Mouth
Description: Shut Her Mouth is a FREE-SITE for sharing DiD Video Clips and Caps as well as a trading place for DiD Video Clips. It also has a forum in which visitors can hang around and talk about their interests. Takes requests from new movies and shows.

Raffish DiDClips at
1700+ searchable, downloadable mainstream clips, updated every other day, with a dozen free clips updated weekly.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad,Mad Dan
Hopefully humorous photomanipulations of female celebrities, past and present, to make them appear bound and gagged. No nudity, violence or sexual activity, but some classic peril.

Tape King
Tape King is a yahoo group which features the sexiest women, Tape Gagged. There are plenty of pics and vids for your viewing pleasure.

Hank's Bondage Vidcaps
My caps of Damsels in Distress from Movies and Television.

Yahoo group featuring Mainstream scenes directly linked thru YouTube & Daily Motion. Updated every Monday night. Saturday late nights if Insomnia kicks in...

Actress Bondage
Actress Bondage - free pictures and database.

Quantum of Silence
Yahoo group that features many female entertainers bound and/or gagged.

El Zahir DIDs
blog with scenes from argentinian and american tv. Updates every week. Actress in bondage courtoisie by El Zahir

Bondage Hollywood
Free pics, DiD clips, stories and great list of top Bondage and BDSM sites.

Female Christ in arts
Crucified women in arts: movies, video, 3D art animation, photography, etc.

The World of Red Feline
Catering to the connoisseur of artistic bloody Spanish Inquisition style torture films as well as videos of bondage, whipping and caning. European beauties in awful situations. Full nudity.

Damse In Distress Interviews
A collection of interview clips featuring actresses who have been tied up in Movies or on TV giving their side of things Also some video commentaries of DID scenes

David's Stories
My site has several damsel in distress tales,that I've re-written.All my heroine characters serve in the military,and the police,(Well,I do love pretty girls in uniform bound and gagged!)who constantly get grabbed by the bad guys doing this dastardly deed.

Anuvids Forums
Discussion forums for any and all topical and off-topic discussions, the policy is that no posts (excluding spam) will be deleted. "Anything Goes" area is completely unmoderated.

Bondage clips from mainstream media

Damsel in Distress Interviews
A collection of interviews with actresses bound and or gagged in mainstream TV and Movies discussing their ordeal

scene chloroform M/F M/M F/M chloro

Bound & Gag Her
Bound & Gag Her is a website aimed for DID (Damsel in Distress) and Girls B&G (Bound and Gagged). You'll find a lot of B&G pictures and videos and even links to similar websites.

Desolation Angel's Damsels in Distress
This blog is dedicated to the tied up and gagged damsels in distress. It features the famous and rare scenes from old movies, serials and TV shows (1920s - 1960s).

Mes Intrépides Attrapées
French blog paying tribute to nosey heroines bound and gagged (especially with a wide OTM gag), always caught snooping by villains, and always wearing a blouse with rolled up sleeves. Caps of bondage vids, transformed in heroine-in-distress situations.

Armholding/Armgrabbing - Arm Restraint Group
This is a yahoo group containing a lot of free content... women being restrained by their arms.

Yacermino's bondage comics
Hello, It features fantasy adventure comics involving damsels in peril, amazons, vampires, women in uniforms, pirates, slave traders and other villainesses. Best regards, Y.

Sleepy Comics
Huge database of sleepy and bondage scenes from comics and manga. Has scans for every scene!

The Base
Mainstream fetish. no direct links just lighting the path. The blog gives times and details of bdsm or even execution scenes in mainstream movies with a link to a google search for the movie.

Hollywood Bondage Ball
Free Database and pics of Damsel in Distress in the mainstream media for bondage fans.

Z DID Forum
Argentinian forum with a lot of images and videos. Damsel in distress from south of the border. By Zahir /Nox Dormienda and M1ke.

THEMIS Collection
Archive of female execution scenes in movies, TV and other entertainment. Additionally featuring damsel in distress, women in prison and other perilous content.

Zur DID Forum
New forum dedicated to latin damsels.

Raffish's Archive
A massive archive of mainstream DiDclips, as posted on Brian's Page and elsewhere, carefully curated and organized by contributor.