New Search Features

There are some new search capabilities that (hopefully) improvements. If you have used Google, then these should seem familiar.

  1. Multiple word search. Entering words separated by spaces will cause the search to match if each individual word is present anywhere in that field. So searching in Description for bound and gagged will find entries that have the words bound, and, and gagged in any order.

  2. To find phrases enclose the string in quotes, like: "bound and gagged". This is similar to the way the old system worked, but you have to use the quotes. You can combine with the first feature. Searching for cave "bound and gagged" would find any scene descriptions with that word and that phrase in any order.

  3. Eliminate words. Prefacing a word or phrase with - will filter out any with that search term. So if you aren't interested in tape gags, throw in a -tape in your search.

  4. Example.

    This finds all the T.J. Hooker scenes without Heather Locklear with the word "gagged" in the description.