Database Tag Definitions:

The format of the tags in database entries is simple. It should follow the text of the entry and after a blank line, the word Tags: (including the colon). Following the colon, include any tags you think appropriate for the entry, separated by commas.

Please remember, the purpose of the tag is to be able to use the search to pull up entries of interest, so the exact spelling is required (including the prefix and underscore, i.e. xxx_yyy).

Example: Tags: bonddesc_chair, gagtype_ball, BBW, ending_rescue, outfit_underwear, restraint_rope

For searches, the prefix and underscore allow you to search for tag items, and avoid confusing the results with incidental items from the entry text.

Standalone tags:

   F/F Female captor
   multiple_damsel Scenes where 2 or more B&G damsels are together

country_ (Country where scene was produced)

The "country_" tag can be used to identify which country produced the scene described, and to make is possible to search for classes of scenes (i.e., Indonesian soap operas).

To make sure that a standard method of identifying a country is used, we're going to use the country's Internet Domain identifier as the country code (country_us, country_uk, country_jp, etc.) The list of countries is standard, and can be accessed at the link below.

bonddesc_ (Bondage Description)

   bonddesc_handsspread   incl. hands to chair arms and upper-only spreadeagles
   bonddesc_handstogether (usage confined to use with AOH tag)
   bonddesc_legspread    incl. feet to chair legs and lower-only spreadeagles

carry_ (tags relevant to a damsel being carried by her captor)

   carry_OTS Over the shoulder
   carry_cradle In arms
   carry_hammock Carried between two captors
   carry_misc Anything not covered by the others






   gagtype_panty as a standalone stuff gag, or as packing
   gagtype_stuffing any packing with a gag over it; can accompany other types
   gagtype_wadding for a standalone stuffed gag
   gagtype_faux Including anything resembling a gag, but not, (i.e., pencils)
   gagtype_Hannibal Lechter-type masks
   gagtype_bandit Over the mouth and nose
   gagtype_OTM Over the mouth detective style
   gagtype_misc Anything which doesnít fit into any of the above


>    KO_blow



outfit_ (tags relevant to what the damsel is wearing)

   outfit_theft Outfit is stolen by captor for a disguise
   outfit_uniform including nurse, military, cheerleader, etc
   outfit_skirt also includes dresses
   outfit_fetish specifically B&D fetish. Furries donít count



restraint_ (what kind of restraint is holding the damsel)